Disney Princesses

Every girl dreams of being a princess! Every girl is a princess! Once upon an afternoon, in a kingdom far, far away, the royal family of Disney and magic decided to host a get-together ball for all the little princes and little princesses. We, at Little Bratz Photography, cordially invite you to a royal and most magical experience as we dress up your little prince and little princesses for a ball to meet Disney princes and princesses! From the magical world of Disney, we present a royal ball that even the evil queens and tricky jesters are sure to love. Watch your little one turn into Ariel, the adventurous little mermaid! Maybe dance with cute mice and friendly birds alongside Cinderella and Snow White? Let’s not forget to ride magic carpets with Jasmin or read with Belle! Why, maybe even a nap with Sleeping Beauty? A magical day for your little Disney Princess! Every girl dreams of being a princess! Your little girl is the next Disney princess!

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