A little more sugar and a bit more of spice, give yourself a treat, naughty or nice. Did that get your sweet tooth craving? It sure made us here in Little Bratz Photography crave for something sweet! Lucky for us, from the depths of Candy Land and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, our team of sweets enthusiasts present to you the chance to walk the streets of licorice and sail the chocolate river in an interactive set just oozing with sweetness. Come on over with your little one and build even sweeter memories. Enter cupcake castles, sail through rivers of chocolate, bathe under gum drop rain, climb candy mountains, and when the night comes, lay down on a fluffy cheesecake bed. Whether a sweet little angel or a hyper toddler in the terrible twos, Little Bratz Photography, its amazing team, and overall sugary theme will surely make this a sweet adventure to show your friends and family on the next reunion! A little more sugar and a bit more spice, a sweet moment captured in sugary paradise.

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